PowerUp for a Classroom and Water Tank

donateherebuttonHelp us build a Classroom and a Water Tank for Ongata Ronkai school children.

When we first visited Ongata Rongai school in 2010 their headteacher Mrs. Jane Kiruri, fondly known as Mama Sam, told us about how dirty water is stealing the futures of her school children.

PowerUp’s passion is rooted in technology integration, but when we visited Ongata Ronkai school we realized that we have to first meet the most basic needs before any progress can be made towards creating a technology rich environment where every child gets quality education.

Seeing the picture of the first newly constructed water tank that was completed in 2011 filled us with such joy, because we knew that we were one step closer to creating an environment where the children didn’t have to suffer to get water while they are in school.

Clean water at school prevents children from being absent from school because of diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and unsafe hygiene practices.

Ongata Ronkai is a public school started in the year 1949 occupying an area of about 12 acres in Kenya. It’s classes are from Standard 1 to 8 with about 1,400 students. When we visited the school, it had no electricity and no water. Most of the students are from the Kware slum. Many who complete primary school have nowhere to go and cannot afford to further their education. We found that there are enough books and teachers but the challenges they faced were water, food, sanitation, and access to electricity.

PowerUp was formed in 2010 in response to an increasing demand for the inclusion of technology and life skills as compulsory subject in all education curricula worldwide. PowerUp is a 501(c)3 organization based in Texas and led by global educational technology ambassador Liza Mucheru Wisner and set up to raise funds for projects aimed at making educational opportunities available to individuals all over the world.

Our mission is to ensure that all individuals—especially those at risk of being left behind—have the resources and the opportunities they need to live healthy and lead productive lives.

The greatest need for the school this year is a child friendly classroom for the children who are mentally challenged learners. At the moment they have a population of 40 (forty) children who are mentally challenged squeezed in a very small room.

Any donation will help get us closer to building the classroom for the children.

  • Your $10 donation will fund 4 Handwashing Drip Cans For Use After Visiting Toilet.
  • Your $25 donation will fund 10 Handwashing Drip Cans For Use After Visiting Toilet.
  • Your $50 donation will fund 20 Handwashing Drip Cans For Use After Visiting Toilet.
  • Your $100 donation will fund 1,000 litres water tank from drip irrigation.
  • Your $250 donation will fund Two Seat Swing for Mentally Challenged Learners.
  • Your $500 donation will fund Printing Machine.
  • Your $1,000 donation will fund 10,000 Litres Water Tank for Water Harvesting.
  • Your $2,000 donation will fund Foundation for a Classroom.
  • Your $5,000 donation will fund Partial Completion of a Classroom.
  • Your $10,000 donation will fund Classroom.



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